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This web page contains the most recent snapshots of ADF2007. These snapshots generally do not contain any new functionality but rather bug-fixes that have not been released yet. Please note that these snapshots are generated automatically and thus may be less stable than the official releases. We encourage you to send any problem reports and other sorts of feedback regarding these snapshots to Please mention the SVN revision number in case of a problem report.

The list of changes made since the release date is available here

The primary aim of providing these snapshots is to help users who encounter problems with the released versions of the software and provide them with a quick fix for their problem.

The terms and conditions of the SCM End User License Agreement apply to the use of ADF.

Platform PVM/MPI SVN revision # diffs Date Link
IBM AIX (PowerPC, 64-bit) MPI r16417 1/257 2008-07-31 Download
Linux glibc 2.3+ (Itanium2) HP-MPI r16417 1/257 2008-07-30 Download
Mac OS X 10.5-10.6 (x86, 32-bit) OpenMPI r16650 1/257 2008-09-09 Download
Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) HP-MPI r16650 1/257 2008-08-27 Download
32-bit Windows HP-MPI r15191 0/257 2008-03-28 Download
32-bit Windows serial r15191 0/257 2008-03-26 Download
Linux (PowerPC, 64-bit) IBM POE r16417 1/257 2008-07-30 Download

How to proceed after downloading

Installation instructions and getting a license file for:

Source code

The source code for development snapshots is not distributed.

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