Demonstration, Tutorial and Web Presentation Videos

Our YouTube channel contains demo videos, walk-throughs of our tutorials and web presentations by ADF experts.

Demonstration Videos

An IR calculation of SF6 with ADF and the ADF-GUI
Modeling bulk silicon with BAND and the BAND-GUI

ADF Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1: Geometry optimization of ethanol
Tutorial 2: Excitation energies of ethene
Tutorial 3: Vibrational frequencies of ethane

BAND Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1: with a grain of salt
Tutorial 2: building structures
Tutorial 3: a transition state search
Tutorial 4: a transition state search with a partial Hessian

COSMO-RS Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1: COSMO result files
Tutorial 2: COSMO-RS overview: analysis
Tutorial 3: COSMO-RS overview: properties

ReaxFF Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1: Burning methane

A video showing how to set up remote queues (on Windows, easier on other platforms).

A video showing how to use ADF scripting tools for setting up and analyzing multiple jobs.

Webinars by ADF experts

Advanced multi-scale calculations with QUILD by Marcel Swart.
Multi-scale and adaptive QM/MM with FlexMD by Rosa Bulo.
Optimizing ReaxFF parameters by Eldhose Iype.
Webinar simulating SERS with ADF by Lasse Jensen.
Webinar ETS-NOCV with ADF by Mariusz Mitoraj.
Charge mobilities with FDE by Michele Pavanello.
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