Example prices US$

Example academic group yearly license fees in US$

Below are example license fees in US$ (Americas) for a few options. GUIs are licensed separately for ADF and BAND, but not for DFTB and ReaxFF. COSMO-RS is 450 US$, for 1 copy, 675 US$ for 2, or 900 US$ for 3 or more.

Our license structure allows much more fine-grained licensing, you may use our price calculator to explore the academic license fees for your desired configuration.
Price examples in Euros and RMB are also available.

Non-academic users should request a price quote or contact us to discuss licensing options.

Exchange rate discount

Due to the low Euro rates, we currently (September 2017) apply a 15% discount to these license fees.




ADF Modeling Suite*

4 host-locked cores 1350 US$   675 US$ 2700 US$
16 floating cores 2700 US$ 1350 US$ 5400 US$
unlimited cores 4950 US$ 2475 US$ 9900 US$
extra GUI   225 US$   113 US$   300 US$
GUI only   450 US$   225 US$       –


ReaxFF + GUI

4 host-locked cores   675 US$   675 US$
16 floating cores 1350 US$ 1350 US$
unlimited cores 2475 US$ 2475 US$

*ADF Modeling Suite = ADF + BAND + DFTB + ReaxFF + COSMO-RS + 1 GUI. MOPAC is included free of charge only for academics.