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Testimonials by users

The Amsterdam Modeling Suite is used enthusiastically in academia, government labs, and world-leading companies.
A few selected statements from satisfied users about ADF and AMS capabilities and our expert support team:

Prof. Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Laureate Chemistry

“What I really like about ADF is that the programs were clearly written by chemists for dealing with real chemical problems. A great suite of programs!”
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Dr. Kwan Skinner, Researcher in the largest US chemical company

“Thank you for all of your help on this. The support at SCM is truly top notch.”

Romaric David, Head of the HPC computing center, University of Strasbourg

“I had to work with the SCM support team on very complicated issues with some ADF components. I was very impressed by the quality of the support and their efficiency in solving this issue. Indeed, the support built a dedicated release of the software”

Dr. Jun Li, Researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

“The unique relativistic quantum chemistry features of the ADF program greatly facilitate our research. The problems that we are investigating are highly challenging because of the complexity of the heavy-element systems and the size of the molecules. We benefited a great deal from ADF because of its superb efficiency, robust parallel scalability, and high accuracy. Without ADF and the high performance computing resources we have in our laboratory, it would be difficult for us to fulfill what we have accomplished. We have been very pleased with many of the state-of-the-art features available in ADF for tackling transition-metal and heavy-element systems.”
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Prof. Shiv Khanna, Physics Department, Virginia Commonwealth University

“ADF’s unique analysis tools provide critical insight and microscopic understanding of complex chemical systems.”

Prof. E.-G. Kim, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Dankook University

“Thanks to all the great features of ADF (in particular, a variety of atomic charge analysis methods) and best support from your staff, we came across, by accident, a way to evaluate the amount of charge transfer, which is independent of a particular charge analysis method of choice.”

Dr. Michael Patzschke, Chemistry Department, University of Helsinki

“The ADF program suite has very useful features that make it stand out in comparison to other codes. Clusters and extended systems can be directly compared, and switching relativistic effects on and off gives unique insight.
The GUI of ADF is one of the best builders I have ever used, the possibility to create everything from simple ADF calculations to complex QM/MM setups to band structure calculations make it very appealing. Constructing metal complexes has never been so easy.”

Dr. Thiti Bovornratanaraks, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University

“Customer service from SCM is always the best. Extremely fast and reliable. Very impressive.”

Asst. Prof. Andrey Rogachev, Illinois Insitute of Technology

“ADF is a very good program, one of the best in the field (probably the best). In combination with amazing support team, it becomes outstanding.”

Stevan Armakovic, Research Assistent Dep. of Physics, University of Novi Sad

“It is not hard to be interested in fantastic software such as ADF!”