Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann on the Amsterdam Modeling Suite

Prof. Roald Hoffmann, Cornell University, won the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1981. His scientific contributions include the extended Hückel method and the Woodward-Hoffmann rules. His current interests include chemistry, philosophy, and poetry.

Prof. Hoffmann states about AMS:

“In several recent studies my research group used ADF and other modules of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite. We really enjoyed the graphical user interface (GUI) which made beautiful pictures, and aided in understanding and analyzing the results. The staff of SCM were exceptionally helpful. They were very knowledgeable, and promptly answered all of our technical questions.”

“What I really like about the Amsterdam Modeling Suite is that the programs were clearly written by chemists for chemists! The analytical tools, the graphic interfaces, the ways solvents could be considered – all these show clear signs of having been thought through for dealing with real chemical problems. A great suite of programs!”

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