User types

We distinguish the following end user types: academic group, academic site, government, HPC center, commercial.

Academic licenses

Academic (research) licenses are the cheapest licenses available, with the exception of academic teaching-only licenses. They are granted only to degree-granting institutes such as universities and colleges, and is strictly limited to non-profit research.

We list a few price examples for academic group licenses. Academic site licenses are also available.

Academic research group for all members of one research group
Academic site for all employees of this institute (one geographic site only)

Academic computing center

If a license is installed at an academic computing center that will be used by only a single academic research group, or multiple research groups from the same university, then the academic license fees may apply. If academic users from different universities get access to the software, an academic computing center license needs to be purchased. In all cases usage is restricted to academic users only.

Government licenses, other non-profit

These license are for non-profit research institutes that do not qualify as academic. The license may be used by all employees at that geographical site. The default license terms do not allow this license to be used for collaboration with commercial parties.

Commercial licenses

These licenses are for companies or any other entity using ADF for for-profit work (directly or through a collaboration). The license may be used by all company employees at the specified geographical site.