Discuss your research questions with us

Discuss your science with us

At SCM, we are scientists, too. We love to hear what kind of challenges you are facing and discussing what modeling may do to help advance your research, development and innovation projects. Simulations will help you understand & predict molecules, materials & processes. For instance: understand what makes a good catalyst, which OLED phosphor has the right color, and which processes induces battery electrolyte decompositions. Predict the most promising nanoparticle or solvent combinations to test out experimentally.

The Amsterdam Modeling Suite has found many useful applications in various areas in chemistry and materials science. Besides these selected applications, scientists find our software useful in many other diverse areas, such as chemical engineering (COSMO-RS), food, fragrance, medical & forensic research (spectroscopy).

No matter which scientific area you are in, or which problem you are trying to tackle, we are happy to discuss your modeling needs and whether the ADF Modeling Suite can meet them. Just reach out to us, so we can discuss via email or schedule a phone call or web meeting.

  • What kind of properties, molecules or materials would you like to model?

You are of course welcome to try out our powerful computational chemistry software yourself and see how it can help your research.