7. Changelog

pre v0.6
  • CMA-ES instances are now restartable
  • added additional plotting mode: params plot -x to plot parameter values vs iteration number
  • added the params clips command

v0.5 – 2020/10/27, r88962
  • This version was released with AMS2020.1
  • Changes to the BaseOptimizer API (bump to v0.4.1)
  • Extending callbacks
  • More extractors & documentation
  • Added a header attribute to DataSet, JobCollection and EngineCollection classes. The header string will be printed to file whenever any of the instances is stored to disk.

v0.4 – 2020/06/17, r85342
  • Introducing constraints: Aside from limiting the parameter ranges, parameter-dependent constraints can now be provided through logical operators c = [p[0] >= 2*p[1]] to the Optimization class (r83291)
  • Added Scipy and Nevergrad support
  • CMA-ES now supports parallel execution
  • Reworked parallelism
  • Reworked Extractors and loss functions to work with residuals
  • Reworked Data Set units

v0.3 – 2020/04/01, r83193

v0.2 – 2020/02/24, r81977
  • Reworked Optimization and Callbacks, can now work in parallel (finalized in r82996)