No. Starting with AMS2018, all licensed machines include the GUI and the AMS driver.

Yes, since AMS2018 we work with module points. If you have 4 module points or more you can get the whole AMS bundle. Academic users may also use MOPAC free of charge with any licensed  machine. You can always request a detailed price quote.

Not for a host-locked license. In such a case one should use a 16-core license, or select an 8-core machine to install AMS on.

You can start immediately. After we have received your informal purchase order confirmation, your signed license agreement, and your machine information, you will receive a temporary license until the invoice is paid.

In case of any type of license upgrade, we will only charge price differences and only for the remaining time period of the contract, thus making it easy and attractive to upgrade.

For multi-year licenses we can change the machine info once a year when we send a new license file for the next year. Certain exceptions are possible at SCM’s discretion.
You can of course always upgrade your license to include more CPU cores.