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  • [ADF-LIST] an error in a simple geometry optimisation   许文华
  • [ADF-LIST] Restart ISSUE   Alexei Yakovlev
  • [ADF-LIST] Continuing a ReaxFF calculation   Jim Kress
  • [ADF-LIST] what is default for core basis   K.Radacki
  • [ADF-LIST] Viewing alpha and beta deformation density in ADFview-2013.01 version   Rojisha V.C
  • [ADF-LIST] AiM paths   K.Radacki
  • [ADF-LIST] Rotation-Scan   K.Radacki
  • [ADF-LIST] ADFlist Digest, Vol 10, Issue 5   Marcel Swart
  • [ADF-LIST] problem with ADF calculation   Marta Choluj
  • [ADF-LIST] Feedback on ADF2014? Requirements for the next release?   Stan van Gisbergen

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