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  • [ADF-LIST] Calculation of NEXAFS of CO!   Biplob Nandy
  • [ADF-LIST] How to calculate atomic energy in a molecule ?   Peter Yen
  • [ADF-LIST] AIMED calculation   Arslan Ullah
  • [ADF-LIST] Reg: preparation energy in EDA calculation   Christopher Jeyakumar T
  • [ADF-LIST] ADFlist Digest, Vol 29, Issue 3   Marcel Swart
  • [ADF-LIST] Triplet SCF convergence   Lennart Scharf
  • [ADF-LIST] ETS/NOCV analysis + imposing orbital occupation   Francesca Nunzi
  • [ADF-LIST] Nanoparticles theoretical calculation   Jamuna Vaishnav
  • [ADF-LIST] Matrix from which Singlet-Singlet and Singlet-Triplet excitations are obtained   Spyroulla Mavrommati
  • [ADF-LIST] NMR shieldings   Dimitrova, Maria
  • [ADF-LIST] Mulliken overlap population   Ilias Miroslav, doc. RNDr., PhD.
  • [ADF-LIST] singlet-triplet and singlet-singlet excitations   Lorenzo D'Amore
  • [ADF-LIST] EDA calculation about unrestricted open shell system   zuoyinizyn

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