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Dear Pier PhilipsenThanks a lot for your kind guidance.I have problem with my calculation for optical properties of magnetite. by using space group convergence is achieved but when I apply Hubbard Potential it still gave zero band gap. what should I do to get accurate band gap?Secondly I am trying to find the input parameters for magnetite to investigate structural and optical properties but unable to find these input values. Suggest me how can i find these parameters?
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Dear All,I hope everyone is in good health while receiving thisemail. There are some questions regarding BAND module.IN BAND from where we can change cutoff energy to getgeometry optimization?

>From where we can check input parameters for SCF (convergencecriterion…max. force,, Max. Stress…etc.)?

The main parameter is the maximum gradient (being either atomic or due to a lattice change). For a geometry optimization including the lattice you should set GeoOpt%optimizeLattice to true.See here for the details

Is ST functions are same in BAND as PAW is in other softwares?

Band uses a mixture of NAOs and slater type orbitals. In practice the quality is very similar to a pure STO basis. For geometry optimization a TZP basis is recommended.
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