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  • [ADF-LIST] Problem With Molecular Orbitals   Alexei Yakovlev
  • [ADF-LIST] Web presentation new features ADF2017: May 10th, 4pm AMS time   Fedor Goumans
  • [ADF-LIST] Graduate student positions (computational chemistry) in Winnipeg, Canada   Georg Schreckenbach
  • [ADF-LIST] problem for Running MD for Olivine phosphate   Arslan Ullah
  • [ADF-LIST] atomic charges   Jennifer Green
  • [ADF-LIST] Calculation of double excitation character   Tamal Goswami
  • [ADF-LIST] How to parallelize ADF ?   Matthew Fritz
  • [ADF-LIST] A problem with GUI (IntelMPI+CUDA ver. 2017.104)   허준

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