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Use our comprehensive computational chemistry suite to tackle your research challenges

  • Atomistic & multiscale modeling
  • Fast & accurate electronic structure, ML potentials & force fields
  • Predict & understand reactivity & properties
  • Latest scientific developments keep you at the forefront
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Researchers use AMS in many fields

Academics and industrial research alike are helped by our computational chemistry software to understand and predict molecular and materials properties

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Easy to set up, user-friendly, and customizable to your needs

Getting started is easy

The suite is easy to install on any system. All functionalities are very well documented, tutorial videos are available.

Many tools, one platform

Our complete set of modeling tools are easily accessible trough the suite. Once you are familiar with one, you can easily use them all.

Customizable and flexible

Only pay for what you need. You can easily scale up your licence by adding modules and CPU cores to your plan, and extend your licence duration if needed.

Dedicated support

Getting in touch with us is easy. Our support team will treat all your queries with dedication, we are here to help you out!

We’re passionate about making computational chemistry work for you

The SCM team feels strongly about developing user-friendly and powerful software, to make your research life easier. We always value feedback on how to further improve our software in terms of capabilities, speed and usability! Our passionate and dedicated team of scientists is what drives our innovation.

Our dedicated team of scientists drive our innovation.

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