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Scientists at SCM are passionate about making computational chemistry work for you, to help your research and development.

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Software for Chemistry & Materials B.V. (SCM) is an Amsterdam-based computational chemistry software company. Originally spinning out from the Vrije Universiteit as Scientific Computing & Modelling NV in 1995, the SCM team supports and develops the Amsterdam Modeling Suite, centered around the flagship program Amsterdam Density Functional (ADF), which was originally developed in the 1970s in the theoretical chemistry department.

Over a 160 authors have contributed to our software. SCM is now a thriving private company collaborating with large companies and academic development groups around the world, and participating in many EU projects as well as national ones. SCM’s powerful computational chemistry tools are used by seasoned theoreticians as well as experimental researchers. Our customers are active in academia, government labs and industry studying various fields of chemistry and materials science.

Our team

Our heart is in Amsterdam. Our people are global citizens. All our software developers have a background in computational physics or theoretical chemistry (most with a PhD), and have years of experience in applying and developing new computational chemistry software.

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We are always on the lookout for talent to join our Amsterdam-based team.

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Our values

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Employee driven with room for initiative

We believe too many workplace barriers stifle progress and creativity. As a company that credits much of our value to our employees, we strive to provide an environment that encourages employee initiative and promotes an open exchange of ideas.

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Quality software & science

We develop powerful, easy-to-use software, which implies staying aware of and incorporating the latest scientific advances as well as presenting complex methods in a flexible, simplified format.

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We build relationships to last

We are proud to have many relationships with employees, customers, resellers, academic research groups that have been ongoing for more than 20 years. To maintain long-term relationships, we believe that mutual trust, respect, and openness are paramount.

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We help customers succeed

A main driver for our company is to provide a software product that can be used by our end users to solve real scientific and engineering problems. We take the extra step to help our customers succeed, either through providing excellent technical support or individualized consulting on projects.

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We value our scientific heritage

The first paper on ADF appeared in 1973. Our company has existed since 1995. Hundreds of scientists and students have contributed to the progress. Scientific collaboration is the key to our success, and we continue to maintain global relationships with method developers and researchers.

Projects & Collaborations

We collaborate with many researchers and with hardware partners to make fast, efficient, and easy to use software. We work with scientists across the globe and participate in many EU networks to enable you to solve even tougher research problems, and in a broader context, tackle the societal challenges of our current and future generations.

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