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Whether you research spectroscopic properties, chemical processes, or advanced materials, we have the right tools for you. AMS provides a comprehensive set of modules for computational chemistry and materials science, from quantum mechanics to fluid thermodynamics.

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Amsterdam modeling suite multiscale simulations
Amsterdam modeling suite multiscale simulations

Why use Computational Chemistry Software?

Computational chemistry software will strongly advance research by providing insight in reactivity and properties, and by predicting new molecules, materials or solvent mixtures. Especially by combining experimental with modeling efforts, experimental costs and time can be reduced and better performance achieved.

Reaxpromultiscalereactormodeling 500x307
Reaxpromultiscalereactormodeling 500x307
Group 2968
Electronic Structure
Group 2965
Model Potentials
Group 2966
Group 2968

Any license containing one of SCM’s own modules above will automatically include the Amsterdam Modeling Suite Core:

The graphical user interface, the PLAMS python scripting environment, and the central AMS driver for complex tasks on the Potential Energy Surface. It also includes some basic force fields, builder, and analysis tools.

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