ADF2004.01 update

The first few weeks …

Now that ADF2004 has been available on our website for a few weeks, we are happy to conclude that no major issues have been reported. We are even happier about the positive feedback we have received from various ADF users about the improvements and extensions in the new version.

Additional platforms supported

In the past few weeks we have made several additional platforms available. We believe the list of supported platforms is now very close to being complete, covering all of the following:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • PC Linux clusters (PIII, PIV, Xeon, Athlon, Athlon 64, Opteron) for almost(?) any Linux variety
  • various UNIX systems – either stand-along or in supercomputing environment
  • Itanium2 systems with Linux or HP-UX.

We are happy that the Mac OS X version is now as simple to install and as intuitive to use as our much improved Windows version for ADF2004.

Work on Sun, Intel Nocona, and Mac OS X with the XLF compiler is ongoing. If you would like to see ADF working on other platforms as well, feel free to contact us with your request.

Minor bugs solved

The minor bugs that were fixed in the weeks after the first tar-files were put on the website:

  • FILE keyword did not work
  • run script generated by ADFinput did not work on some platforms
  • some files related to the ADF-GUI were missing in the source distribution
  • the PC Linux executables gave segmentation faults on some very specific OS versions for large jobs.

These bugs have all been fixed in the files that are now available for download on our website. Should you encounter any of these issues, we recommend to download the new tar-file. If you do not encounter any problems on your system, there is no reason to install ADF2004 again.

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