Student internship opportunities

For highly-qualified MSc (or in some cases BSc) student with good grades at a Dutch university (or HBO) we can offer a company internship at our office on the VU campus, near train station Amsterdam-Zuid. As a scientific software company working on atomistic scale problems in computational chemistry and materials science, our software needs to be scientifically state of the art, very fast, and user-friendly. Our software is used by scientists around the world in academia and industry to solve chemical and physical research problems and predict materials properties.

We may have interesting options for you in the following areas:

Numerical Mathematics

Bayesian Statistics, Optimization Problems, Eigensolvers, Self-Consistent Field procedures

Software Development:

Databases, Python workflows, GUI development, Interoperability in Multiscale modeling

High Performance Computing:

Parallelisation, Cache Optimization, GPU usage

Machine Learning (ML):

Force Fields from ML, molecule generation, (deep) neural networks

Software Deployment, Testing:

GUI-in-the-cloud, Automated Testing.

Computational Physics / Theoretical Chemistry:

Implement new features in our compute engines (Density Functional Theory, Molecular Dynamics, ..)

Internship supervision

You will be supervised by our developer team most of whom have many years of scientific software development experience and PhD in theoretical chemistry or physics.

Contact us at [email protected] to enquire if we have a suitable project for you. Please include CV and grade lists, your interests, desired start date and duration of the project, and information on requirements from institute.