Scientific Consulting and Contract Research

At SCM, we understand that setting up a computational project from scratch can be a daunting task. If you consider modeling and simulation to complement and improve your research, development, and innovation, but you lack the time or expertise to get started, our expert scientists can provide you with the premium support you need. This premium support is available in of three different variants:

Custom Tutoring

During custom tutoring sessions, we focus on the features of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite, which are most relevant for your research agenda. In specialized hands-on sessions for you and your colleagues, our experts will provide you with the knowledge and skills to use these features optimally and to succeed in your research.


Consulting begins with an in-depth discussion of your research during which we try to establish a simulation target with you. Based on this target, we seek out the best strategy for you. In the subsequent specialized tutoring sessions, we will then focus specifically on enabling you to pursue this strategy on your own. Our experts will teach you how to set up the necessary computations and analyze the results. Typical consulting projects extend over a few days.

Contract Research

As with consulting, our experts will look in detail at your scientific question and discuss a suitable simulation strategy with you. We will then conduct the necessary computations on our own hardware and assemble a detailed research report for you. Contract research projects typically span over multiple months.

Discuss your premium support options with us!