License duration

Annual licenses

Most researchers opt for an annual license, and our standard prices are for a single year usage period. During this term, you are entitled to use all new (major and minor) releases of the licensed software and technical support. This license type gives maximum flexibility and the lowest up-front investment. A renewal of your license is needed after one year if you wish to continue using the software.

Multi-year licenses

If you have a sizable software budget now, but you are unsure about your software budget in the coming years, our multi-year licenses may be of interest to you. You get 10% discount on the full 2nd, 3rd and 4th year and 20% on the 5th year, i.e. you get a half year for free on a 5-year license.* During the whole license period you are entitled to use all new releases of the licensed software without any additional payments. And if the annual prices would go up, this will not affect you. You will receive a new license every year for the duration of your multi-year contract. A new contract will be required at the end of the license period to continue using the software.

# of full yearsMultiplication factor vs single-year
21.9 (10% discount year 2)
32.8 (10% discount year 3)
43.7 (10% discount year 4)
54.5* (20% discount year 5)

*extra discount available for 5-year licenses on unlimited cores. Contact us for a quote.

Perpetual licenses

A perpetual license is available at 4.5 times the annual license fee (discount available for unlimited core licenses). It therefore costs the same as a 5-year license. This license type includes 6 months of upgrades for the purchased major release and 6 months of free support. After the first 6 months, further support and licenses for newer versions are available at a yearly maintenance fee. During the first two maintenance periods the maintenance fee is equal to the one-year price valid at the time of the purchase of the perpetual license. After that, it is equal to the one-year price valid at that moment.

Contact SCM or your local reseller for further details and limitations. SCM will not provide support for old versions, except, in some cases, the version directly before the most recent one. In order to allow you to switch to newer machines or if your old machine breaks down, SCM will provide a new license file each year.