Platform Specific Information ADF2017

The following table displays the platforms, compilers and MPI versions that we have used to prepare the executables and object libraries. Other versions (especially older ones) are not guaranteed to work with this release of the ADF Modeling Suite 2017. Please contact us if you have problems running ADF on your platform.

If you have the source code and intend to compile it then your compiler must be object-compatible with the compiler listed below for the same platform.

Machine-specific comments

  • Windows:
    The Windows version has been prepared under Windows 7 and tested under Windows 7 and 10. This version has not been tested on older versions of Windows but it should also work on Windows Vista. ADF2017 is not compatible with Windows XP. Please read Installation instructions for the list of known issues and important information about installing and configuring ADF on Windows.
  • x86-64 Linux:
    The x86-64 Linux version requires both a 64-bit processor and a 64-bit operating system. The processor must support SSE2 instructions. The minimum supported GLIBC version is 2.7, but the compute engines only need GLIBC version 2.4. The users with an earlier GLIBC version should upgrade their system. If your OS is older than CentOS 6 / RHEL 6, you might also experience problems.
  • Cray XT, XE, and XC:
    The Linux IntelMPI distribution of ADF2017 is compatible with cray machines using the MPICH ABI compatibility.
  • GPU-accelerated version:
    ADF is accelerated using CUDA and Nvidia Tesla (or Titan) GPUs. The GPU acceleration is currently available in the x86-64 Linux IntelMPI version only and uses CUDA 8.0. See the ADF User’s Guide for more details.

Platform Operating System Fortran90 compiler C Compiler MPI brand & version
Windows Windows 7 64-bit,
MinGW msys2-20161025
Intel Fortran, 15.0.6 Microsoft Visual C++ 16.00.30319.01 Intel-MPI 5.1.2 (4.1.3 for 32-bit)
PC Linux 64-bit CentOS Linux 6.8,
glibc 2.12
Intel Fortran, 15.0.6 GCC 4.4.7 OpenMPI 2.0
PC Linux 64-bit
with CUDA
CentOS Linux 6.8,
glibc 2.12
Intel Fortran, 15.0.6 GCC 4.4.7 IntelMPI
with CUDA 8.0
Intel Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.9 Intel Fortran 15.0.6 gcc LLVM 5.1 OpenMPI 2.0