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Release Notes

The release notes specify in detail what has been changed since the previous release.

Main Download File

The Main Download file contains everything except the license file and the source code. If you don't have a valid user account, first request a trial license to evaluate our software.
The terms and conditions of the SCM End User License Agreement apply to the use of ADF.

Read the Installation Guide while ADF is being downloaded. It contains important information about the product.

Technical details (all platforms) Sub-release Serial MPI*
Cray XE6 (x86-64)2012.01   MPI
Cray XT4/XT5 (x86-64)2012.01   MPI
IBM AIX (ppc64)2012.01   IBM POE
Itanium2 Linux (ia64)2012.01c   Platform-MPI
Mac OS X 32-bit (Intel only, 10.5-10.6)2012.01a   OpenMPI
Mac OS X 64-bit (10.6+)2012.01d   OpenMPI
PC Linux 32-bit (i386)2012.01d   Platform-MPI
PC Linux 64-bit (x86-64)2012.01d   Platform-MPI
PowerPC Linux 64-bit (ppc64)2012.01c   IBM POE
SGI Altix 3000/4000 (ia64)2012.01a   SGI MPT
SGI Altix ICE (x86-64)2012.01c   SGI MPT
SGI Altix UV (x86-64)2012.01a   SGI MPT
Sun Solaris (SPARC64, no GUI)2012.01   OpenMPI
Windows 7, Vista (64-bit)2012.01d   Platform-MPI
Windows 7, Vista, XP SP3 (32-bit)2012.01d   Platform-MPI

*: If your system requires another MPI implementation, see the Installation Guide on information about building ADF from sources.

Additional downloads

Source code

The Source code (r36601) is only relevant if you have a source code license and wish to compile ADF yourself or inspect the source code.

COSMO-RS database

The COSMO-RS Database containing 1892 compounds, mostly solvents and small molecules, can be downloaded if you purchased COSMO-RS.


To use ADF (KF-files) in your own software, the following codes are available under LGPL:

The software includes open source and free software (including GPL v3 software). Further information on the included external software [including source code and copyright notices] can be found here.

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