5. Input file: params.inΒΆ

The $AMSBIN/params program by default reads input from a file called params.in. Several examples of params.in files can be found in $AMSHOME/scripting/scm/params/examples.


Starting from AMS2023, ParAMS reads its input from params.in. The params.conf.py file of AMS2022 is no longer used. If you use the GUI, the input will be automatically converted. If you use the command-line, run the following commands to convert to the new format:

$AMSBIN/params convert -c path/to/params.conf.py -o path/to/save/params.in

Note that the converter can handle most but not all possible contents of the params.conf.py file. It is always recommended that you verify the contents of a converted input file. You can use the -S or --strict flag with the conversion to throw an error if a conversion cannot be completed perfectly.