Previous ADF releases

Documentation for previous releases is available as from the links below, and the documentation for each release is also included with the packaged binaries. To go to the current documentation, visit our support page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can’t find the information you are looking for or if you want to download binaries for our previous releases.

Documentation ADF Modeling Suite 2016

Tutorials ADF BAND
UFF Scripting PLAMS
Installation Release Notes References for third party software

Downloads for the 2016 release

Common binaries for the last ADF Modeling Suite 2016 subrelease (2016.107):
MacOS Linux with IntelMPI Windows 64-bit

Less used binaries: Windows 32-bit, Linux with OpenMPI, Linux with PlatformMPI, Linux with IntelMPI+CUDA.
Let us know if you want to download other 2016 versions.

Documentation ADF Modeling Suite 2014

You can download the documentation for our 2014 release as PDFs from the links below.

Downloads for the 2014 release

Common 64-bit binaries for the latest 2014 subrelease can still be downloaded:

A list of binaries with the latest bugfixes for ADF2014  is also available. Contact us if you want to download binaries for previous releases.

ADF Modeling Suite 2013

ADF Modeling Suite 2012

ADF Modeling Suite 2010

Changelog bug-fixes previous releases

Earlier releases

We still have documentation available for releases before 2010, let us know what you need.