Relativistic DFT locates 13C NMR signal of dirhodium carbene

Nmrshielding lumo

DFT predictions by Jochen Autschbach helped to characterize a long sought-after dirhodium donor-acceptor carbene, an important reaction intermediate in various organic transformations.

The NMR modules in ADF, by Jochen and others, was used to calculate the 13C NMR chemical shift and JRh-C coupling constant with relativistic DFT. The predicted range (δ = 218-270 ppm, JRh-C = 26.3-29.3 Hz) helped the experimentalist to locate the NMR signals (δ = 240 ppm, JRh-C = 27.3 Hz) of the highly reactive dihrodium carbene.

13C NMR shielding tensor and LUMO of model dirhodium carbene complex

13C NMR shielding tensor components and LUMO of model dirhodium carbene complex

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