ADFview and ADFmovie 2004.02 beta

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Important update February 2005: The message below has become obsolete in view of a more recent beta release for the ADF-GUI modules.

Download ADFview and ADFmovie 2004.02 beta

A new beta-version of ADFview and ADFmovie is now available. All ADF users, also those without a GUI license, can download a demo license file that allows them to try out the new and old GUI modules.

The functionality has been greatly improved, many users will actually prefer to use these new versions. If you encounter problems, or if it is unclear to you how to use the new modules, tell us so we can fix them before the ‘normal’ release. Suggestions for improvements or additional features are also welcome.

For a list of features, check out the download page.

ADFview 2004.02 beta

ADFmovie 2004.02 beta

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