AiChE meeting, seminars at Northwestern and IIT

Chemical engineers at the AiChE annual meeting in San Francisco, 13-18 November should stop by booth 8 at the expo to discuss their modeling challenges with Ole and Fedor.
On Tuesday 15 November, Ole will also present how ChemTraYzer can be used to automatically get reaction pathways and rates from complex ReaxFF trajectories.

Besides seeing ADF in action to study complex combustion with ReaxFF, vapor-liquid equilibria with COSMO-RS and other useful properties for chemical engineers, it may also be worthwhile to stop by the AiChE booth for a chance to win the 27″ flatscreen we can’t take back to Amsterdam!

Fedor will move on the Chicago to give two ADF seminars on Friday 18 November: Illinois Institute of Technology (10 am, 225 Stuart) and at Northwestern (2pm, Room 4003, Ryan Hall). He will discuss new features and ongoing developments, so the seminars are of interest to all chemists and materials scientists with an interest in molecular modeling.

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