Good news for ADF developers

Congratulations on the good news for our ADF developers!

Lasse Jensen and Adri van Duin received tenure from Penn State, and Rosa Bulo got a 5-year VIDI grant, and Miquel Solà won the phyiscal chemistry prize from the RSEQ.


Tenure for Lasse Jensen and Adri van Duin

SCM congratulates two of its academic developers at Penn state, Lasse Jensen, Chemistry and Adri van Duin, Engineering for receiving tenure.

In collaboration with Adri, SCM has incorporated his Reactive MD method in the ADF modeling suite. Adri, SCM and other academic collaborators continue to improve the ReaxFF module.
Lasse has designed and implemented new methods in ADF for studying spectroscopic properties, e.g. surface-enhanced Raman scattering and plasmon-exciton hybridization. We hope to see more useful contributions from them!

Coal combustion on MoNi catalyst with ReaxFF Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy with DIM/QM
ReaxFF: coal combustion over MoNi catalyst Surface-enhanced Raman scattering with DIM/QM

VIDI grant for Rosa Bulo, RSEQ physical chemistry prize for Miquel Solà

Rosa Bulo received a five-year VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and Miquel Solà was awarded the physical chemistry prize from the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ).

Miquel has a long-standing track record for tackling various problems in chemistry ranging from conceptual DFT to homogeneous catalysis. Rosa’s VIDI project will be dedicated to developing new multi-scale tools (adaptive QM/MM) for studying reactions in aqueous environments where proton transfer reactions are crucial. SCM congratulates them both!

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