AutoCheMo Machine Learning Workshop

17-18 June 2021

SCM has organized an online workshop on machine learning techniques and their application in chemistry and materials science, to be held online on 17-18 June 2021. Participation is free of charge and the sessions will take place on Zoom.

Over the last years, a number of machine learning techniques have been used to advance chemistry and materials science by enabling large-scale exploration of chemical space based on quantum chemical calculations. Workshop participants will learn about the principles behind such techniques as well as their hands-on application.

The workshop is one of the activities of the SCM-coordinated Innovative Training Network AutoCheMo, and is open to any PhD students or final-year MSc students interested in machine learning approaches.


Please fill in this form to register and receive the Zoom links to join the workshop sessions.


The program consists of lectures from experts in the various fields followed by computer exercises giving hands-on experience with the concepts discussed in the lectures:

List of speakers

Nick Austin, SCM
Augusto Gerolin, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Matti Hellström, SCM
Florian Huber, The Netherlands eScience Center
Joris Mollinga, SURF
Nicolas Renaud, The Netherlands eScience Center
Felipe Zapata, The Netherlands eScience Center


Recordings of the presentations are available here.

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