Pricing & Licensing

You can always request a price quotecontact us or your local reseller if you have any questions. The ordering procedure includes your agreement with our License Terms. The Amsterdam Modeling Suite license fees depend on the:

(1) included modules
(2) total number of CPU cores
(3) license duration
(4) institute type

Calculate your license fee

Government, HPC Center, and Commercial License Fees

The same logic, but different license fees, apply to academia, HPC centers, government labs, and industry (see license categories). Please contact us or request a price quote to get the best offer.

(1) Select modules to determine point count

ADF2Molecular DFT
COSMO-RS & properties2Fluid thermodynamics
from quantum mechanics
BAND1Periodic DFT
DFTB & MOPAC1Fast semi-empirical
ML Potential & Force Field1ANI-2x, M3GNet, GAFF, GFNFF, ASE
ReaxFF1Fast reactive molecular dynamics
Advanced Workflows 1ParAMS, ChemTraYzer2, OLED tools,ACE-Reaction, microkinetics

Core functionality included when licensing any AMS module:

3rd party products:

  • Quantum ESPRESSO binaries: included with any AMS module in AMS2017-AMS2023
  • Zacros Kinetic Monte Carlo: contact
  • APPLE&P parameters (to be used with ML Potential & ForceField module): contact

(2) Choose total number of CPU cores

We count the total number of physical cores on all machines you want to run our software on. You can run on different operating systems. For large Linux clusters a floating license may be an option (cores count double).

Yearly academic group license fees in Euros

If you have determined the module points and number of CPU cores, you can find the yearly academic group license fee here (US$ prices below). Multi-year licenses offer more value.
Academic site licenses are available at approximately 1.7x the academic group license fee. Researchers from government and industry should request a price quote.

#cores1 point2 points3 points4-6 pointsFull AMS
7-8 points

Yearly academic group license fees in USD

An exchange rate adjustment can be applied to the list USD prices below for academic group licenses (March 2022: -15%). Academic site licenses are available at approximately 1.7x the academic group license fee.

#cores1 point2 points3 points4-6 pointsFull AMS
7-8 points

License fees in RMB, Yen

Please contact your reseller.

Teaching-only licenses

Special fees are available for classroom licenses. The graphical user interface, easy license activation, and the available tutorials and teaching exercises will make it easy for you to teach students how to use computational chemistry to get insight into structure, reactivity, and properties of molecules & materials.

For some countries, we can offer academic licenses at a 30% lower fee.

NOTE: In 2022 we changed the pricing structure.