Videos: tutorials and web presentations

Check out our YouTube channel for a complete list and the latest videos. There are various webinars by the SCM team and external developers, quick tips, and installation videos.

Selected playlists

AMS2023 webinars

New features, EDA, Excitation energy calculations, TD-DFT, NMR,…

AMS2022 webinars

ReaxFF basics, parametrization, reaction exploration, excited state methods: GW+BSE, QM/FQ, PolTDDFT, LFDFT,…

2-3 tip of the week videos

Parametrization, RDF, COSMO-RS solvent optimization, polymers, …


Building polymers, mechanical properties (Tg, CTE, stress-strain), thermodynamic properties with COSMO-RS

Installation and configuration videos

Walk-through installation and configuration videos for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Installing the Amsterdam Modeling Suite trial on Windows

Submitting ADF jobs to a remote Linux cluster from Windows

How to install the Amsterdam Modeling Suite Trial on MacOS

How to install the Amsterdam Modeling Suite Trial on Linux

Command line execution and scripting

Run AMS from the command line or setup your own workflows with PLAMS.

Scripting workflows in Python with PLAMS

command line scriptingADF Modeling Suite: multiple computational chemistry jobs

Running ADF from the command line on MacOS (python scripting)