Amsterdam Modeling Suite Products

At SCM, we strive to make computational chemistry work for you. The tutorials, manuals, and FAQs are great resources to help you advance your research with the Amsterdam Modeling Suite. If you run into any problem or have technical questions, please contact us, so that our expert software developers can resolve your issues.

User support email addresses For technical questions or problems. Attach relevant files & licensee information. For license information or problems For general and scientifically oriented questions
ADF discussion list Discussion list for ADF users and developers

Additional documentation

Workshops & teaching exercises

SCM staff and experienced ADF users give hands-on workshops a few times a year (general as well as on specific topics). Advanced worked out examples on specific features are available as teaching materials for computational chemistry courses.

Feature of interest missing?

We welcome any suggestions regarding new functionality. Perhaps we could pick up your suggestion for our next release!

Pricing & Licensing

License fees depend on which AMS modules you want to use, on how many CPU cores you want to run, and also the duration. See our pricing tables for academic license fees, or request a price quote. You are encouraged to try before you buy.