If you don’t have a valid user account, you should first request a trial license to evaluate our software. The terms and conditions of the SCM License Terms apply to the use of ADF. The 2018 release notes specify in detail what has been changed since the 2017 release.

Download for Windows

(x86-64, 64-bit)


Download for Mac
Mac OS X 10.9+

(x86-64, 64-bit)


Download for Linux
Linux (IntelMPI)

(x86-64, 64-bit)



Binaries for less frequently used platforms

Release Operating System MPI
adf2018.106 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) on AMD Zen CPUs Intel MPI + OpenBLAS for AMD-Zen
adf2018.106 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Intel MPI + statically linked MKL
adf2018.106 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) OpenMPI

The main Linux binary ships with runtime IntelMPI libraries, which may be replaced with local MPI libraries, e.g. on the Cray XC series via ABI (see the Installation manual for more details).

Other downloads

Included with the binaries:

  • Basis sets for the whole periodic table
  • Encrypted DFTB parameters (see FAQ)
  • ReaxFF parameters (see current list), other force fields (UFF,  Amber, Sybyl/Tripos, DIM/QM)
  • Command-line examples, documentation
  • STO basis sets optimized for ZORA for all elements (also available as text files)

Downloads for previous releases

Most-often used binaries for the last ADF Modeling Suite 2017 subrelease (2017.114): MacOSLinux with IntelMPIWindows 64-bit.
Also the last 2016 subrelease (2016.108) can still be downloaded (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Likewise, the latest 2014 subrelease for Mac, Windows, and Linux is still available. Less-frequently older binaries are available from the previous releases pageContact us if you need a different subrelease or a different OS.