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The SCM License Terms apply to the use of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite. The AMS2020 release notes summarize major changes and improvements.

Download for Windows

(x86-64, 64-bit)


Download for Mac
Mac OS X 10.12+

(x86-64, 64-bit)


Download for Linux
Linux (IntelMPI)

(x86-64, 64-bit)



Other Linux binaries: for AMD Zen, OpenMPI, statically linked MKL

Release Operating System MPI
ams2020.103 64-bit Windows Intel MPI, optimized for AMD-Zen
ams2020.103 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Intel MPI + statically linked MKL
ams2020.103 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Intel MPI, optimized for AMD-Zen
ams2020.103 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) OpenMPI

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The main Linux binary ships with runtime IntelMPI libraries, which may be replaced with local MPI libraries, e.g. on the Cray XC series via ABI (see the Installation manual for more details). See our hardware Q&A summary for some tips on the best hardware set up for you.

Other downloads

Included with the binaries:

Downloads for previous releases

Binaries for AMS release 2019.307: Windows 64-bit, MacOS, Linux with IntelMPI, Linux optimized for AMD-Zen.
Binaries for AMS release 2019.105: Windows 64-bit, MacOS, and Linux with IntelMPI.
Binaries for AMS release 2018.107: Windows 64-bitMacOS, and Linux with IntelMPI.
Other binaries are available from the previous releases pageContact us if you need a different subrelease or a different OS.