Upcoming events

22-27 April 2024Visits in Saudia Arabia, Workshop at KFUPM, Fedor
May 2024(Machine Learning) Parametrization workshops Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei (Paul, Nicolas, Fedor)
17-19 June 2024TechConnect: exhibition and pitch (Fedor)

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Past events

11 April 2024Online presentation multiscale OLED modeling, MicroOLEDConnect, Franco
10 April 2024Materials Science Mega Webinar: Accelerating Battery Research through Atomistic Computational Chemistry, Nicolas​
27-29 March 2024OLED Korea, Seoul, Franco & Fedor
17-21 March 2024ACS Spring meeting, New Orleans, Fedor & Nestor
3-7 March 2024TMS2024, Orlando, Nicolas
6-8 March 2024Interbattery, Seoul, Fedor
23 January 2024Additives & Modelling, Nieuwegein, talk by Stan
25-30 November 2023MRS fall meeting, booth & talk Boston, Fedor & Nicolas
16 November 2023ChemAI: Entering the fifth paradigm for chemistry, Amsterdam, Paul, Fedor, Maria
5-10 November 2023AIChE annual meeting, Orlando, Maria & Wei-Lin
19 October 20231-day seminar & workshop with T&J Tech, Seoul, Fedor
19 September 2023Chemie Webinartag, Ole with Additive
14 September 2023Hands-on demo, Digital week Padova, Maria & Nicolas
27-31 August 2023EuChemS CompChem 2023 conference, Thessaloniki, talk (Maria) & expo
27 August – 2 September 2023Workshop and visits in Taiwan, Fedor & Wei-Lin
17-20 August 2023ACS fall meeting, San Francisco, talk & booth (Maria & Nicolas)
26-30 June 2023ICMAT2023 meeting, MRS-S Singapore (Fedor, talk), seminars at CARES and IHPC A*STAR
19 June 2023Hands-on workshop, Glasgow University (Maria)
19-21 June 2023TechConnect World, Washington (Talk, Nicolas)
May-June 2023AMS2023 spring webinar series
7 June 2023MolSSI MOPAC user group meeting, online (Robert, talk)
22May 2023Exploring Reactivity with the Amsterdam Modeling Suite, Chemische Kring Rotterdam (Rosa)
11-13 April 2023MRS Spring meeting, San Francisco, expo, booth 312 (Fedor, Maria)
3-5 April5th Manchester Multiscale Conference (Tomáš)
30 March 2023Amsterdam Modeling Suite seminar for nanoHUB, (Nicolas)
26-29 March 2023ACS Spring meeting, Indianapolis, expo, booth 705 (Fedor, Nicolas)
22 March 2023Hands-on workshop Atomistic Simulation Center German national HPC
7-9 March 2023APS March meeting, Las Vegas, expo, booth 1026 (Fedor)
20-22 February 2023 Designing the Future: Electro-, Photo-, and Thermochemical water splitting, Brussels, talk (Fedor)
28 November – 2 December 2022MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (MA), expo & talk (Fedor)
22 November 2022Webinar: LFDFT: a practical tool for coordination chemistry (Harry Ramanantoanina)
13-16 November 2022AiChE Annual Meeting, Phoenix (AZ), (Nick, Fedor)
10 November 2022Webinar: Robust & reliable r2SCAN-3c calculations with STOs in ADF (Thomas Gasevic)
4 November 2022Online workshop in Chinese: COSMO-RS/SAC (Wei-Lin) – slides & scripts
28 October 2022Webinar: Accurate and fast CD and excitation spectra, including plasmons (Mauro Stener)
26 October 2022Webinar: Accurate and fast GW methods for IP, EA, correlation energies (Arno)
13 October 2022 AI-assisted materials development in composites, Århus/remote (Fedor)
21+22 September 2022 CHAINS, Veldhoven (Stan, Thomas)
14 September 2022 KNCV-CTC Seminar, Amsterdam (Stan)
28 August – 1 September 2022 DFT2022, Brussels (Arno, Franco)
30-31 August 2022Ceramics Expo, Cleveland (Fedor)
21-25 August 2022ACS Fall meeting, Chicago (Fedor, Nestor, Arno)
3-8 July 2022WATOC, Vancouver (Robert, Arno)
4 July 2022ISFOE / nanotexnology, Thessaloniki, talk by Thomas
13-17 June, 2022ICTAC, Lyon (Fedor, Nestor)
8-13 May, 2022MRS Spring meeting, Honolulu (Fedor)
April-June, 2022AMS & Science webinar series (SCM & Friends)
28 March, 2022Hands-on workshop for QUT (Fedor)
16 March, 2022Hands-on AMS workshop, local GUI for HPC usage on SURF (Fedor, Thomas)
24 February, 2022Hands-on AMS demo and tutorial, Virtual Computational Chemistry Winterschool (Thomas, Ole, Fedor)
8+9 December, 2021Advanced ReaxFF workshop
24+25 November, 2021Workshop ‘Computational Modeling in Chemistry, Biology and Materials, CUSAT – virtual (Fedor, Thomas)
18 November, 2021Accelerated Materials Innovation, EuCheMS CTC online meeting (Fedor)
15-17 November, 2021TechConnect Malmö: talk and innovation pitch (Fedor)
June 24, 2021 MatSq workshop: Modeling OLED Materials: a Case for Multi-Scale Modeling (Fedor)
June 21, 2021 International Workshop on Charge Transport and Excited State Processes in Organic Materials (poster, Fedor)
June 17-18, 2021 Machine Learning workshop (Matti, Nick, others)
June 15, 2021 Webinar AMS2021 (in German, Thomas)
June 7-11, 2021 Workshop for India (Fedor, Ole, Thomas)
June 7, 2021 EMMC multiscale modeling meeting (poster, Fedor)
February 10, 2021 Hands-on workshop AMS + HPC with SURF
January 21+22, 2021 Hands-on workshop for TU Delft students and employees
November 27, 2020 Tips & tricks for the graphical user interface in AMS2020 (premiere 4pm CET, Q&A Olivier)
November 20, 2020 New features in AMS2020 (Fedor)
November 6, 2020 Machine Learning Potentials in AMS2020 (Matti)
October 9, 2020 Hans & Alexei. Q&A: best hardware to run AMS (summary).
October 2, 2020Tips & tricks for PES explorations with AMS (Robert)
September 2020Introduction to the Amsterdam Modeling Suite for India. Contact:
September 25, 2020Workflows and high-throughput screening: python scripting with PLAMS (Mirko)
September 18, 2020Run 2D periodic DFT more efficiently (Pier)
September 11, 2020 Introduction to MD for quantum chemists: IR (Rosa)
September 4, 2020 XAS (XANES/NEXAFS) spectra with ADF (Erik)
August 17-20, 2020Virtual ACS conference & expo
August 20, 2020 (1pm PDT) ACS meeting: Computer aided design of OLED materials – a case for atomistic & device modeling (Fedor)
July 10, 2020 (4pm CEST)Parametrizing ReaxFF with CMA-ES (Tomáš)
July 9-10, 2020 ReaxPro online meeting
July 3, 2020Stress-strain of epoxy polymers with ReaxFF (Ole)
June 26, 2020 Building polymers with the AMS GUI (Laurens)
June 19, 2020 Polymer solubilities and related properties with COSMO-RS (Nick)
June 12, 2020Realistic structures of crosslinked polymers with ReaxFF (Ole)
June 5, 2020 Effective mass tensors and charge mobility (Thomas)
Feb 27, 2020 European Chemistry Partnering meeting in Frankfurt (Fedor)
Feb 20, 2020 Virtual Winterschool – hands-on Computational Chemistry (Fedor, Thomas, Ole): 10.30-13.00 & 15.30-18.00
Jan 20-21, 2020Physics meets Industry, Eindhoven (booth: Stan and Mirko)
Jan 14-15, 2020Emerging Technologies, Shanghai (talk: Fedor)
Dec 1-5, 2019 MRS meeting, Boston (booth & talks by Thomas and Matti)
Nov 20-21, 2019 IDTechEx Show, Santa Clara (booth, talk by Fedor)
Nov 10-15, 2019 AIChE annual meeting, Orlando (booth, talk by Nick)
Aug 25-29, 2019ACS national meeting, San Diego (booth 2222, Fedor)
July 22-26, 2019 DFT 2019, Alicante (Talk & booth, Thomas)
July 19, 2019, 5pm Amsterdam time Webinar ‘Bridging Computations and Real-World Examples’ by Thomas (see video)
July 10, 2019 Industrial impact of materials modelling – achievements and perspectives, Turin (Talk, Fedor)
June 23 – 28, 2019ICMAT, Singapore, presentations (Thomas)
June 21, 2019 Workshop at A*STAR IHPC, Singapore (Thomas)
June 17 – 19, 2019 TechConnect: Innovation pitch, booth & ML presentation (Fedor)
May 27 – 31, 2019E-MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit, Nice (Thomas)
May 21 – 24, 2019Visits & workshop Taiwan (Fedor)
May 27 – 30, 2019Visits & workshop South Korea (Fedor)
Apr 10 – Apr 11, 2019IDTechEx, Berlin, demonstration street (Fedor & Thomas)
Mar 31 – Apr 4, 2019ACS Spring Meeting, Orlando (Fedor)
Mar 29, 2019Hands-on Amsterdam Modeling Suite workshop, Penn State (Fedor)
Jan 10, 2019Advanced hands-on AMS workshop TU/e + DIFFER (Alexei & Mirko)
Dec 21, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019Christmas closure: very limited technical support
Nov 25 – 29 2018MRS fall meeting, exhibition and technical talk (Fedor), Boston
1+2 Nov 2018Advanced ReaxFF workshop (force field fitting, CVHD and bond boost acceleration), Tokyo
30 Oct 2018Advanced ReaxFF workshop (force field fitting), Osaka
Oct 28 – Nov 2 2018AIChE annual meeting, exhibition and technical talks (Nick), Pittsburgh
24+25 Oct 2018AMS2018 workshop, including advanced ReaxFF features (force field fitting), Dalian
22+23 Oct 2018AMS2018 workshop, including advanced ReaxFF features (force field fitting), Tsinghua University (register with FermiTech)
19-23 August 2018ACS Meeting & Expo (booth 1119), Boston
29 April – 3 May 2018docMOF conference, run by DEFNET PhD students, near Munich
26 – 29 March 2018ADF Developers Meeting
18 – 20 March 2018Exhibition at the ACS spring conference, New Orleans (Fedor)
12 – 14 March 2018Exhibition at the annual TMS conference, Phoenix (Fedor)
14 – 16 February 2018Nanotech 2018 conference, EU-Japan Centre’s booth, Tokyo (Fedor)
9 February 2018ADF Modeling Suite hands-on workshop, Daejeon, Korea (Fedor)
1 December 2017Seminar & discussion Yale, CRB 123 (Fedor)
26 – 30 November 2017MRS Fall meeting Boston (Fedor)
1-6 October 2017World Congress of Chemical Engineers + Expoquimia (Barcelona, Ole & Nick)
21-22 September 20172-day workshop Almaty (Alexei)
7 September 2017Materials Modeling webinar, 10.30am CEST (Fedor)
4-7 September 2017EUCO-TCC, Barcelona (Ole)
15-24 August 2017ACS fall meeting Washington, D.C. and site visits (Fedor)
3-7 July 2017CHITEL, Paris: talk & booth (Ole)
30 June 2017One day workshop, IDRIS, Orsay, near Paris (Ole)
22-25 June 2017FemEx, ReaxFF talk by Ole and talk by ADF developer Marcel Swart
12-16 June 2017Japan trip with Profs. van Duin & Heine (Stan)
6 June 2017Half-day workshop, HPCS2017, Kingston (Thomas)
22-26 May 2017European Materials Research Society, expo, including 1h workshop (Ole)
14-21 May 2017China trip with workshops in Xiamen (16-17) and Shanghai (19-20) ( (Fedor)
10 May 2017Webinar ADF2017 new features
3 May 2017One-day workshop CSC training facilities in Espoo (Ole)
2-4 April 2017ACS meeting and expo (booth #721) , San Francisco (Fedor & Damien)
27 March 2017Hands-on workshop, TU Dresden (Mirko & Thomas)
13-14 March 2017Computational chemistry for pollutant mitigation, Rueil-Malmaison (talk by Thomas)
20 February 2017ADF seminar and discussions, University of Cambridge (Fedor)
21-22 February 2017Printed and flexible organic electronics, London (poster by Fedor)
12 January 2017Online ADF hands-on session (slides)
6-8 December 2016CHAINS: Dutch chemistry conference (Fedor booth, talk by Anna)
18 NovemberInformal seminars at IIT (10 am, Stuart 225) and Northwestern (2pm, Ryan 4003) (Fedor)
13-16 NovemberExpo: American Institute of Chemical Engineers annual meeting, San Francisco (Ole & Fedor)
27-28 September2-day hands on ReaxFF workshop, Imperial College London (Ole & Fedor, with Adri van Duin and others)
5 – 7 SeptemberExpo + talk: International Conference on Advanced Materials Modelling (ICAMM), Rennes (Ole)
5 – 7 SeptemberTalk + demo: Multiscale Simulation: from Materials through to Industrial Usage, Dublin (Thomas)
28 August – 2 SeptemberExpo + talks: Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry (TACC), Seattle (Fedor & Thomas Soini)
26 AugustInformal seminar at Caltech (Ole & Fedor)
21-23 AugsustExpo: ACS Fall meeting Philadelphia (Ole & Fedor)
19 AugustInformal seminar at Penn State (Ole Carstensen & Fedor)
14-18 JulyInternational conference on chemical bonding (Matthias Bickelhaupt, Celia Fonseca Guerra and others)
8 July1-day hands on ADF workshop, A* CRC, Singapore (Fedor, register)
5-8 JulyFlatlands beyond graphene, Bled (talk by Marc Raupach)
4-6 JulyExpo: Australian symposium on Computationally Enhanced Materials Design (ACEMD), Sydney (Fedor)
1 July1-day hands on ADF workshop, NCHC, Hsinchu, Taiwan (Fedor Goumans, register)
5-9 June99th Canadian Chemistry Conference (Tom Ziegler award; invited talks by Stan van Gisbergen & Evert Jan Baerends)
18-22 AprilTCCM ADF tutorial
22-24 MarchDEFNET Workshop 3: theory & spectroscopy, U Gent (talks and hands-on by SCM staff)
23-24 MarchRecent Appointees in Materials Modelling, University of London (talk by Sergio)
13-15 Marchvisit us at the ACS in San Diego
11 March 2016Seminar LBNL 33-106 (CR) 2.30pm