SCM at the F19MRS in Boston

Going to the 2019 MRS fall meeting 1-5 December 2019?

Check out Matti’s talk on Machine Learning potentials for next generation materials modeling -his EU project MaLeR– on 3 December, 9.45am at Hynes 210.

Thomas will talk about multi-scale materials modeling bridging atomistic scale simulations to reactor-scale (ReaxPro) and OLED device (new project with Simbeyond) – come see it on 2 December, 4pm at Hynes 206!

Or come by the exhibition booth 218 and have a chat about your materials research and see how the Amsterdam Modeling Suite can advance your materials research!

Want to understand or screen battery electrolytes? Do you want to get a handle on atomic layer or chemical vapor deposition processes? Make novel 2D electronic materials find the best emitters and charge transporters for organic electronics, or perhaps predict and optimize polymer properties? Thomas and Matti will be happy to discuss your research!

AMS graphical interface: organic electronics, impact on surfaces

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