Tutorials and Manuals – Amsterdam Modeling Suite

InstallationFull installation guideVideos to start trial
GUI: set up, run & analyzeGUI Manual Getting started
AMS driver: complex PES tasks AMS driver Manual Geometries, TS, IRC, Phonons, IR, tensors, MD, MC
ADF: powerful molecular DFT ADF Manual Spectroscopy, analysis, reactivity
Advanced ADF tutorials
BAND: 1D, 2D, 3D Periodic DFT BAND Manual Analysis, optical spectra
Advanced BAND Tutorials
DFTB: fast approximate DFTDFTB ManualUV/VIS, FCF, Raman, NEGF, MD, Proton affinities
MOPAC: fast semi-empirical MOPAC ManualCharges, frequencies; also see AMS Driver tutorials
ReaxFF: reactive molecular dynamics ReaxFF Manual Getting started with ReaxFF
Advanced ReaxFF Tutorials
MKMCXX: fast and robust microkineticsMicrokinetics manual CO oxidation kinetics
COSMO-RS: fluid thermodynamics & QSPRCOSMO-RS Manual Sigma profiles, database, VLE, LLE, pKa,
solubilities, polymers, ionic liquids
PLAMS: powerful python scriptingPLAMS Manual First steps: workflow
recipes: COSMO-RS, reorganization energies

Other manuals and documentation

Download and use Quantum ESPRESSO with our GUI, or use VASP via AMS.
AMS also includes a few other scripting environments, including third-party software.