EU Projects

MultiScale Reactor Modeling

ReaxPro developing multi-scale reactor modeling software. Led by SCM, end users BASF, Shell, Johnson Matthey, DowDuPont

Current EU Projects

SCM actively collaborates with academics and industry in several EU projects.  As an SME, we are happy to discuss whether we can join your EU project proposal with a scientific software developer to leverage new computational methodologies to a higher technology-readiness level.

Just mail our scientific partner manager Sergio López-López, or give us a call to discuss mutually beneficial collaborations.


SCM and Hafnium Labs collaborate to develop software to automatically predict side reactions to help design chemical processes more safely and efficiently.


A large ITN to train 15 PhD students with fundamental physics of and advanced applications for 2-dimensional semiconductors. SCM will develop new methods to study opto-electronic properties of these exciting atomically thin materials.


SCM is proud to lead the ambitious ReaxPro project to integrate atomistic, mesoscale, and macroscale modeling tools in a comprehensive multi-scale reactor modeling platform to aid BASF, Shell, DowDuPont & Johnson Matthey to optimize their catalytic reactors.


 Automatic generation of Chemical Models is a joint research and training project (European Industrial Doctorate) coordinated by SCM, with Ghent University and RWTH Aachen University. AutoCheMo will develop new and improved tools for modeling chemical processes in industrial reactors.

Previous EU Projects

SCM has led, and participated in, various EU projects including private-public partnerships, initial training networks, and SME innovation associates. Thanks to these projects we have strongly expanded the capabilities of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite enabling more applications in chemistry & materials research. For example, to investigate how geometry defects affect 2D semiconductors, which MOF is the best for hydrogen storage, the best future battery and photovoltaic materials or the best solvent mixture for dissolving polymers.

Other collaborative projects

Besides our regular academic collaborations and EU projects, we also participate in NWO-funded local collaborative projects. Reach out to us if you want to discuss collaboration options!