Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: Making Computational Chemistry Work for You

The SCM team is committed to strengthen scientists all over the world with high-quality and user-friendly computational chemistry software. Driven by a deeply rooted passion for science and decades of close collaboration with researchers from academia and industry worldwide we continuously strive to innovate our products and improve and personalize the support to our customers.

Our Vision

Computational chemistry has already firmly established itself as an indispensable research tool, and it will become even more important for academic and commercial research alike. At the same time, computer speed will continue to increase through faster chips, new hybrid architectures and bigger HPC clusters. This will make high-throughput virtual screening more accessible and enable researchers to use more realistic models.

At SCM we aim to keep on top of the latest scientific and computer architecture developments. Specifically through collaborations with academic and hardware partners our goal is to make computational chemistry work for you, now and in the future. So that you can more effectively develop new or better catalysts, materials or drugs.