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February 2024 Newsletter

Check out our new tip of the week videos (playlist):

New tutorials for which we don’t have a short video yet:

Come discuss your research in person at one of the many upcoming events (Interbattery, TMS, ACS, OLED Korea) and pick up one of our new application flyers.

Recent papers using the Amsterdam Modeling Suite:

October 2022 Newsletter


April 2022 Newsletter

biomass conversion efficient solvent screening with COSMO-RS

February 2021 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

MoS2 desulfurization catalyst LDOS

October 2019 Newsletter

Research highlights


Discuss your research with us at these conferences:

New functionality

A new release is underway! (AMS2019.3 release)
Meanwhile, check out the new basic video tutorials.
Webinar Atomistic Modeling Materials

July 2019 Newsletter

Research highlights

Advanced tutorials


  • Workshops with our new resellers in Korea & Taiwan; workshop in Singapore
  • Webinars: Ligand-field DFT; Real-life applications chemistry & materials modeling (check our Youtube channel)
Multi-scale reactor modeling

February 2019 Newsletter

3 New EU Projects

  • ReaxPro: with industry and top institutes, SCM coordinates the development of a multi-scale reactive materials modeling platform
  • MaLeR: matti Hellström will improve ReaxFF with machine learning potentials
  • AutoCheMo: 4 PhD students will automate and improve ReaxFF parametrization.

Advanced tutorials:

cosmo-rs new sigma estimates

May 2018 Newsletter

Optimizing TADF emission

January 2018 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter