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October 2022 Newsletter


April 2022 Newsletter

biomass conversion efficient solvent screening with COSMO-RS

February 2021 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

MoS2 desulfurization catalyst LDOS

October 2019 Newsletter

Research highlights


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New functionality

A new release is underway! (AMS2019.3 release)
Meanwhile, check out the new basic video tutorials.
Webinar Atomistic Modeling Materials

July 2019 Newsletter

Research highlights

Advanced tutorials


  • Workshops with our new resellers in Korea & Taiwan; workshop in Singapore
  • Webinars: Ligand-field DFT; Real-life applications chemistry & materials modeling (check our Youtube channel)
Multi-scale reactor modeling

February 2019 Newsletter

3 New EU Projects

  • ReaxPro: with industry and top institutes, SCM coordinates the development of a multi-scale reactive materials modeling platform
  • MaLeR: matti Hellström will improve ReaxFF with machine learning potentials
  • AutoCheMo: 4 PhD students will automate and improve ReaxFF parametrization.

Advanced tutorials:

cosmo-rs new sigma estimates

May 2018 Newsletter

Optimizing TADF emission

January 2018 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter