Celebrating 25 years of SCM as a company

Scientific Computing & Modelling N.V. (SCM) was founded on 15 February 1995. We are very proud to be serving chemists, materials scientists, and chemical engineers for 25 years as a company!

25 years of SCM

In 1995, when the company spun out of the VU University Amsterdam, prof. Evert Jan Baerends, his group, and collaborators have already been supporting researchers with solving their chemistry R&D problems for about two decades. First with Amsterdam Molecule (AMOL), which turned into ADF, and in the 1980s with its periodic sibling BAND.

A licensing model was suggested to provide sustainable scientific software. As such, SCM can provide expert support and can keep improving its functionality to help researchers better. Recent extensions to the Amsterdam Modeling Suite include faster electronic structure methods (DFTB), reactive molecular dynamics (ReaxFF), a microkinetics module, and a powerful central AMS driver for advanced potential energy surface tasks.

This Friday we had a modest cake to celebrate these first 25 years of supporting researchers around the globe with our computational chemistry software. SCM, now known as Software for Chemistry & Materials, will further extend the Amsterdam Modeling Suite, in particular to tackle problems across more scales, for example to optimize chemical reactors, OLED displays, or batteries. We hope to celebrate our 50th in 25 years!

cake celebrating 25 years of SCM
The SCM team - 25 years