Reparametrization of COSMO-RS for (polymer) ionic liquids

Cosmo il co2

COSMO-based model for gas solubility in polymer ionic liquids (2021 paper)

Gas solubility in polymers plays an important role in processing advanced polymer materials. An important and relatively unexplored class of polymers is polymer ionic liquids (PILs).

In a 2021 paper, different COSMO-RS parameterizations were used in combination with polymer functionality in AMS-COSMO-RS to predict gas solubility in standard polymers and PILs. For regular polymers, the standard COSMO-RS parametrization performs best, while for CO2 solubility in PILs, the ionic liquid parametrization (ADF-Lei 2018, see below) had the most accurate predictions.

COSMO-RS (ADF 2018 Lei) predictions for the CO2 gas solubility in PILs (P([VBMTA][BF4]).

New and improved COSMO-RS parameters for CO2 solubility in ionic liquids (2018 paper)

In a recent Green Energy & Environment publication Lei and coworkers present a reparametrization of COSMO-RS parameters for ionic liquids within the ADF framework. The extensive training set consisted of 2283 activity coefficient data points at infinite dilution and 1433 CO2 solubility data points that were collected from literature references.

The authors use the refitted parameters to predict CO2 solubility in pure ionic liquids at low temperatures (<273.2 K) and the CO2 solubility in mixed ionic liquids over a wide temperature and pressure range.

COSMO-RS for ionic liquids

Try the parameters with AMS COSMO-RS

The refitted optimal values for the misfit energy constant a’, hydrogen bond coefficient c_hb and the effective contact surface area of a segment a_eff can be selected in the AMS COSMO-RS GUI (Method -> Parameters; For the Use drop-down select: ADF Lei 2018). You can now try these parameters in the ionic liquids COSMO-RS tutorial. In previous AMS releases you could change the parameters by hand:

a' = 2063.0 (kcal/mol) A^2/e^2
c_hb = 7532.0 (kcal/mol) A^2/e^2
a_eff = 3.34 A^2
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