2Exciting: ITN on 2D optoelectronics

Ws2 wes2 vdw band structure

2Exciting is a new MSCA-ITN-ETN European Training Network on two-dimensional semiconductors and their optoelectronic properties – it has just been selected for funding by the EU. The consortium includes universities and small companies across 10 countries, and is being coordinated by our long-term partner Thomas Heine at the TU Dresden.

Two-dimensional semiconducting materials offer unique ways to control their optical and electronic properties with more applications emerging quickly in diverse fields such as electronics, energy storage, sensors, and catalysis. In 2Exciting 15 Early Stage Researchers will be trained at the forefront of the development and innovation of novel two-dimensional semiconductors and their applications.

Twisting van der Waals heterostructures is just one of the many options to tweak the optoelectronic properties of 2D semiconductors.
See e.g. Twist-angle-dependent interlayer exciton diffusion in WS2–WSe2 heterobilayers, Nature Materials, 19, 617–623(2020)

Method development 2D optoelectronics

SCM will focus on the development of new and improved methods to simulate optoelectronic properties in 2D materials. As such, we will host secondments from the Heine group. Within Amsterdam, a new ESR will be co-supervised by Lucas Visscher at the VU University Amsterdam.

Therefore, SCM will in due time be looking for a PhD student -mentions of good candidates are always welcome- to develop fast and accurate methods to study optoelectronic properties for 2D semiconductor materials. (S)he will be working as an Early Stage Researcher to extend, improve, and combine post-DFT methods such as intensity selection TDDFT(B), GW, BSE, spin-orbit coupling under 2-dimensional boundary conditions.

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