SCM at OLEDKorea Conference and MicroLEDConnect

Optimizing properties of different OLED materials, and how they perform as stacks in devices, can be expedited by screening them through simulations. ADF developer Franco Egidi will discuss this at OLEDKorea March 29, and online at MicrOLEDConnect April, 11. Franco will show how DFT calculations with ADF can screen crucial properties of OLED emitters such as emission width, radiative lifetime, IP and EA. With OLED workflows you can calculate these properties in different host materials as well as the relevant properties of those host materials. Mesoscale simulations with 3D kinetic Monte Carlo (Bumblebee), can then predict the device level performance including J-V curves, external quantum efficiency, and more for different materials and stacks.
Leveraging this computational screening will save time and resources by focusing only on the most promising candidate materials and stacks. Fedor and Franco will be happy to discuss how this will accelerate your OLED research, in person in Korea end of March, or any other time online!

Key concepts