Going to WATOC 2020 in Vancouver, 3-7 July 2022? Come grab a stroopwafel at booth 116, and discuss collaboration options, research applications, or computational chemistry in general with our CEO Stan van Gisbergen and software architect Robert Rüger!

Both Robert (AMS as a software platform for method development) & Stan (Reaxpro – multi-scale reactivity modeling) will present at the Tom Ziegler symposium on Tuesday afternoon. In the same symposium, our long-term collaborator Luuk Visscher will present the low-scaling implementation of GW and BSE in ADF. Arno Förster, who was the main developer of these fast GW and BSE methods, will himself present a poster on Thursday evening in the Exhibition hall A.

Update July 1st: Stan will not be able to travel. Robert will present the ReaxPro talk, and will try to be available for a chat in the booth location 116 to discuss your research.

fast qsGW for accurate IP, EA and band gaps


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