Download development snapshots


These are automatically generated development snapshots of the ADF modeling suite, containing new functionality in the ADF Modeling Suite (see trunk changelog). If you are only looking for a fixed bug, the bug-fixed binaries may be more stable.

For most Linux systems we recommend the IntelMPI binaries. The runtime IntelMPI libraries may be replaced with local MPI libraries, e.g. on the Cray XC series via ABI (see the Installation manual for more details).

The GUI is not automatically tested for these snapshots. Furthermore, the binaries may contain a number of ‘Diffs’ against our Test Set and may be otherwise less stable, so we do not recommend using these as your standard installation and SCM can not guarantee to support problems you encounter with the development versions.

We do, however, encourage problem reports and other sorts of feedback at, mentioning the revision number and including any relevant files.

svnRevision Operating System MPI numDiffs totalTests
r60970 Mac OS X 10.9+ (x86, 64-bit) OpenMPI 0 726
r66330 Mac OS X 10.9+ (x86, 64-bit) OpenMPI 1 772
r66496 Mac OS X 10.9+ (x86, 64-bit) OpenMPI 2 782
r66516 Mac OS X 10.9+ (x86, 64-bit) OpenMPI 3 781
r60909 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+CUDA 0 733
r65466 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+CUDA 1 762
r66240 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+CUDA 2 771
r66467 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+CUDA 4 782
r66530 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+CUDA 5 782
r66331 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+OBLAS 7 772
r66504 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+OBLAS 9 782
r66530 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) intelmpi+OBLAS 10 782
r62812 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Intel MPI 0 732
r66255 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Intel MPI 1 771
r66331 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Intel MPI 3 772
r66530 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Intel MPI 4 782
r62812 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) OpenMPI 0 732
r66255 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) OpenMPI 1 771
r66331 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) OpenMPI 3 772
r66530 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) OpenMPI 4 782
r55870 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Platform-MPI 0 682
r56098 Linux (x86-64, 64-bit) Platform-MPI 1 694
r60913 64-bit Windows Intel MPI 0 725
r66326 64-bit Windows Intel MPI 1 771
r66504 64-bit Windows Intel MPI 2 781
r63186 64-bit Windows serial 3 669
r60974 32-bit Windows Intel MPI 0 724
r61971 32-bit Windows Intel MPI 1 730
r65252 32-bit Windows serial 1 756
r65440 32-bit Windows serial 2 756
r65585 32-bit Windows serial 3 761