Plasmon Enhanced Two Photon Absorption: Paper & Tutorial

The DIM/QM method for modeling plasmon-enhanced photochemical properties has recently been extended to several non-linear optical properties with damped cubic response theory. A recent paper by Zhongwei Hu and Lasse Jensen discusses the methods to simulate plasmon-enhanced two-photon absorption (PETPA) and applies this to para-nitroaniline. The coupling between the molecular excitations and the plasmon, treated with classical atomistic electrodynamics is very complex in this non-linear optical regime. The DIM/QM methods can provide insight in these complex couplings, in this case plasmon enhancement of a two-photon absorption dark state.

Tutorial: PETPA

Learn how to calculate plasmon-enhanced non-linear optical properties yourself!

Based on this paper, we have made a tutorial to guide you through setting up these PETPA calculations.

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Z. Hu and L. Jensen A Discrete Interaction Model/Quantum Mechanical Method for Simulating Plasmon-Enhanced Two-Photon Absorption, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 14, 5896-5903 (2018).

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