ADF2004.01 fast on Nocona and Opteron

The port of ADF2004.01 to Intel’s new Nocona processor has recently been completed.
The port to this Extended Memory 64 Technology, or EM64T, Xeon processor is of special interest because:

  • The ADF performance on Nocona seems excellent. In our preliminary timings, a Nocona machine convincingly beats a standard Xeon machine with the same clock frequency.

  • The Nocona executable also seems to boost performance when used on AMD Opteron machines (approx. 20% in preliminary timings), although further testing on Opteron is needed and currently in progress.

  • The new executable supports 64-bit memory, enabling larger calculations on Nocona and Opteron machines.

This version is now available for download. We recommend it for try out for ADF users with Nocona machines. Final tests for Opterons are ongoing.

Please contact SCM if you require further details.

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