ADF2006 on Cray XD1 and IBM LoP

SCM is happy to announce that the latest ADF release, ADF2006, is now available for Cray XD1 and IBM LoP (Linux on Power) platforms.

The Cray XD1 version is available with MPICH only. It has been compiled with the PGI Fortran compiler and thus requires PGI Fortran run-time environment to work. The binaries are specifically tuned for the AMD Opteron line of processors.

The LoP version is available with MPICH(ch_p4) and PVM(PVM_ARCH=LINUXPPC). It has been compiled with IBM XL Fortran 10.1 and has been optimized for the Power5 processor. It will also run on Power4 but less efficiently. Our tests show that ADF runs about 10-20% faster on Linux SUSE machine equipped with a 1.65GHz Power5 processor compared to the dual-core AMD Opteron 2.0GHz processor. The gain is mainly due to a very large L3 cache of the Power5 processor.


ADF users can obtain the new versions from the Download page.

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