Improved ADF2004.01 version for Mac OS X

A new version of ADF2004.01, including the ADF-GUI modules, is now available for Mac OS X. This version has been compiled with IBM’s XLF compiler. Standard tests indicate that this reduces run times on Macintosh G4 and G5 computers by as much as 40% over the previously released version, which was compiled with another Fortran compiler. Serial and parallel (PVM) versions are available.

Aside from a performance boost, other smaller changes have been made in the release. A bug that caused the ADF-GUI application to use excessive CPU time has been fixed. The ADF-GUI startup application now typically uses less than 1% of the CPU after it has loaded.

This version is now available for download. We recommend it to all ADF users with Mac OS X machines. As in the previous release, version 10.3 of the Mac OS X operating system is required.

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