Job opening: Scientific Software Python Developer

NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications.

SCM is a growing scientific software company in Amsterdam that makes computational chemistry work for thousands of customers in both industry and academia. Our flagship product, the Amsterdam Modeling Suite (AMS), helps researchers solve challenges in materials design, energy-efficient synthesis of new chemicals, sustainable energy storage, and much more. From solving the Schrödinger equation to state-of-the-art machine learning methods, AMS contains an integrated toolset for multiscale modeling of molecules and materials.

We’re looking for an experienced Python developer to join us. At SCM, you’ll work together with our software architect and ~15 other developers to

  • take the lead in improving our Python libraries for creating advanced materials simulations workflows,
  • develop frameworks to help researchers organize, analyze, and store results from high-throughput simulations (possibly millions of data points) in the cloud,
  • assist our graphical user interface (GUI) developers in incorporating your new features,
  • provide support for both end users and SCM staff who use your tools

Example 1: AMS is used to model OLED displays. One such simulation consists of hundreds of interdependent individual simulations, all glued together by our Python library that you would be responsible for. Could you identify and correct software-architectural weaknesses in such a workflow, getting any necessary help from our scientific experts?

Example 2: ParAMS is our module for parameter fitting. It is compatible with open-source optimization packages like Nevergrad. Could you interface it with other packages like PyTorch, and seamlessly insert it into an active learning environment where the rest of our software is used to generate new training data on-the-fly?

At SCM, you’ll join an informal team of about 25 people, most of whom have a PhD in their respective scientific specialty. The offices are located on the Vrije Universiteit campus in Amsterdam. We offer 34 holidays per year on top of national holidays, flexible working hours, and the option to work remotely part of the week.

Job requirements

  • A passion for clean, reusable and modular code
  • Excellent knowledge of Python
  • Experience working in large codebases using standard software development tools
  • A desire to ”make computational chemistry work” for our customers
  • Basic knowledge of chemistry or physics

Desirable knowledge and experience (at least 2)

  • Compiled languages (modern Fortran, C++, C) and their interoperability with Python
  • Computational chemistry or materials science (for example DFT or force field simulations)
  • Databases
  • GUI development in Python/Qt
  • High-performance computing or cloud computing
  • Scientific workflow systems (for example AiiDa)
  • Software testing

What we offer

  • This position is intended to become permanent. Initially a one-year contract will be offered. The start date is flexible.
  • Competitive salary related to experience, 13th month, holiday allowance, team bonus, inflation compensation, as well as relocation costs, and secondary benefits (including ABP pension fund).
  • 34 holidays per year on top of national holidays.
  • A significant tax benefit (“30% rule”) will usually apply to candidates from abroad during the first 5 years
  • Flexible working hours and the option to work remotely part of the week.
  • This is a full-time (preferred) or part-time (at least 0.6 FTE) position based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About SCM

SCM ( is a science-focused company which has been around for over 25 years with its offices at the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It is financially solid, growing, and profitable.

Amsterdam is the very lively, enjoyable and internationally oriented (with 178 different nationalities) capital of The Netherlands. Thanks to its high quality of living and dynamism, Amsterdam has been elected as “best city for Millennials to live”4th most dynamic European city and best European tech city to work in, and it consistently ranks high in Mercer’s annual Quality of Living surveys (11th best in the world, in 2019).

Application procedure

We are no longer accepting applications.

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